Wednesday, October 27, 2010

13 signs u're falling in luv......

  •  u can't stay mad at him/her 4 more than a minute or two. u actually have to try hard to stay mad.
  • U'll read his/her sms or email over n over again.
  • U'll walk really really slow while u're with him/her..
  • U'll fell shy whenever u're with him/her.
  • while thinking about her/him ur heart will beat faster n faster...
  • by listening her/his voice u'll smile 4 no reason..
  • while looking at him / her ..u can't see de otherz people around u..........u can only see dat person.
  • U'll start listening to slow songs..
  • he/she becomes all u think about...
  • U'll get high just by their smell..
  • U'll realize dat u're always smiling to urself when u think of them..
  • U'll do anything for him/her...
  • wHile reading dis... there was one person on ur mind the whole tyme...
 AP : errkk....who is dat??? ~ as i look into your eyes,  i see all the reasons why, my life's worth a thousand skies, you're the simplest love i've known, and the purest one i'll own, know you'll never be alone ..my baby you, are the reason i could fly and 'cause of you i don't have to wonder why baby you, there's no more just getting by , you're the reason i feel so alive though these words i say are true, they still fail to capture you ,as mere words can only do how do i explain that smile and how it turns my world around keeping my feet on the ground.............wink!!!!

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