Thursday, February 2, 2012


The Prophet pbuh said:
"Whoever is pleased to have this life extended, and his rizq increased, and an evil death be averted from him, then let him have taqwa of Allah, and let him fulfil the ties of kinship!" [Ahmad]

Look at this beautiful hadeeth!
-Who is there who does not wish to have his life extended?
-And who is there who does not wish to increase his money & wealth?
-And who is there who does not wish to save himself from an evil and humiliating death?

[Food for thought]
Establishing Ties of kinship means showing family kindness, compassion, and mercy. It neccessitates keeping in touch with them, paying them visits, and inquiring about their health & welfare. It obligates helping them out in whatever way possible, to the best of ones means!

[Take 60 seconds...] thinking???
What are you waiting for??  Call/ text / email / visit a relative you haven't seen  OR spoken to in a while just for the pleasure of ALLAH! Let us know how it goes!

 May Allah bless you ALL with success in this life & the next. Ameen.

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